Free delivery in London and UK Mainland!

We require that someone be present and able to sign for every juice delivery. We must ensure the freshness of our juice,
and leaving the juice on a doorstep can severely compromise the quality, temperature and safety of your juices.
They are ‘living’ juices with no additives or preservatives.
Please refrigerate the juices as soon as you receive your delivery to ensure that they remain potent for up to three days.
Please choose a delivery range that works best for you.
1 day & 3 day cleanse run Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
5 day cleanse run Tuesday and Wednesday
If you urgently need to do a cleanse or have a special date in mind, we will do our best to accommodate your preferred schedule – please email us at or call 020 8265 2000.
London delivery time is between 5pm and 9pm, the night before your cleanse starts.
Outside London delivery time is between 11am and 4pm.

If you are doing the 5 day cleanse, you will receive a second delivery of juices so you can have the freshest juice possible.
How far in advance do I have to place my order?
You must place your order at least 48 hours in advance of when you want to start your cleanse.

My juice cleanse has arrived and my ice packs are melted. Is that ok?
Yes, it’s ok. It’s completely normal for the ice packs to arrive melted, they are there to keep the
juices chilled during the delivery. Just be sure to refrigerate your juices as soon as you’ve opened your package to ensure maximum freshness.
Why is my juice separated? Is it spoiled?
Separation is natural, and as long as juice is less than 3 days old and refrigerated properly, it does not indicate spoilage.
The appearance of Fruveju juice is all natural. We do not filter, preserve or add any filler.
Always refrigerate your juice and shake each bottle well before consuming.