Extend Cleanse

Extend Cleanse

If you’ve already embarked on your own health journey (first of all: congrats!) you know how good it feels to shine from the inside out. Second of all: we invite you to meet the Extend cleanse, because we think you might like each other a lot. Let’s face it; we all have our weak spots. It’s not the first time work has gotten in the way of a workout, or a Friday night has you waking up from a food coma.

Always turn to our Extend cleanse to get you back on track quickly. We can proudly say every time you embark on our Extend cleanse, you restore yourself and your health. The Extend cleanse meets the delicate balance between a sustainable boost and a feeling of pure, unparalleled wellness.


1. Power Greens – cucumber, pear, spinach, wheatgrass, lemon

2. Orange Baobab – orange, carrots, baobab, turmeric

3. Pure Greens – cucumber, green apple, spinach, kale, celery, spring green, lemon, ginger

4. Lavender Lemonade – filtered water, lemon, raw honey, lavender

5. Clean Greens – cucumber, romaine, spinach, moringa, celery, lemon

6. Coco Cashew Milk – coconut water, cashew, cocoa, coconut nectar