Fruveju Nutritionist

Now offering one-on-one consultations with our in-house Nutritionist!

Whether you have just finished your cleanse or just want to get your health back on track, our resident Nutritionist will work with you to create a bespoke plan tailored specifically to your needs.

Meet the Fruveju Nutritionist

Jess - nutrition photo

Our resident nutritionist Jessica Scott, is also head of nutrition at – the UK’s best-known supplier of healthy snacks through the post. When she has her clinic hat on and isn’t busying herself in the kitchen rustling up snacks, she offers private one-to-one nutritional consultations at her clinic in Mayfair. If you’re interested in
weight lossorweight gain, havedigestive issuesorhormonal imbalance, or are looking for nutritional support forrecovery from an illness, she will work together with you to create a bespoke eating programme targeting your individual goals.

Jessica’s approach:

Through a process of inspiration, re-education and support, Jessica’s empathetic but straight talking approach will help you find the balance you need to maintain the body and lifestyle you want.

She takes the demands of your lifestyle into account – whether that’s international travel, the demands of family life or a reluctance to cook – and will work with you to formulate a realistic food plan with practical and enjoyable recommendations which will help fine-tune your eating habits for the long term, restore your body to optimum health and help you eat intelligently amongst the realities of everyday life.

Jessica’s Vision:

Jessica’s vision is to inspire individuals to take responsibility for their own health. The kitchen can be a powerful pharmacy and our body has an astounding ability to heal itself if given the right tools. Jessica wants to help you connect the dots and transform your life into one that is full of excellent health and wellbeing.

She is passionate about lasting change and offers individualized guidance, focused on a move towards fantastically healthy, whole, unprocessed foods to ensure that your good habits stick and you continue to achieve exceptional results.

For feedback from Jessica’s previous clients and to know more about her, visit her website at

Choose from one of the plans below

A New You = £370

True Commitment = £570

Additional Options

Follow-up Sessions

Individual follow up consultations are available for goal reinforcement, plan modification, and continuing education. All reviews can be via telephone or in person. Email reviews are available on request. Telephone reviews are booked at a specific time. We aim to call you on the pre-arranged time however please allow +/- 2-3 minutes either side of the scheduled time for the call.

Review consultation (45 minutes) £75

Review consultation (30 minutes) £40

Review consultation (15 minute) £25

The Kitchen Cleanser = £200

Includes a 3-hour visit by our clinical nutritionist:

For general questions or to make an appointment, contact