Post Cleanse

Now that you have done the hard work, it’s time to extend all of the benefits from having completed your juice cleanse. Slowly introduce your system to ‘solid’ foods again. But forget that pizza or steak you’ve been dreaming for, you’ve come this far, you don’t want to ruin your cleanse! Start with fruits, leafy salads and steamed vegetables and be sure to chew everything well. After a day or so you can introduce fish and lean meats if desired. Eat less but more often.

Breaking the Cleanse – Menu Planning:

Day 1:
Have a smoothie for breakfast, vegetable salad for lunch, quinoa or brown rice with finely chopped apples, celery, and parsley for dinner.

Day 2:
Fresh fruit for breakfast, grains salad with or without tofu for lunch and vegetable soup for dinner.

Day 3:
The same as Day 2 but add a handful of almonds or walnuts.

Day 4:
If you eat animal protein, choose any small white flesh fish (steamed or poached) and vegetable salad.

Day 5:

Return to your diet of preference, but try to limit dairy, meat and wheat.