Why Should I Cleanse?

Toxins are everywhere – from the air we breathe, the foods we eat, caffeine and alcohol we drink, medications we take, and the smoke we inhale (to name a few) are a huge burden that weighs our bodies down. Over time, these toxins build up in the body and the results can be small imbalances such as aches, fatigue, depression, poor digestion and weight gain. Fruveju cleanse provides a break from these toxins while simultaneously flooding the body with nutrition from more than 15 pounds of 100% organic produce per day.

We believe that the growing interest in nutrition is part of a wider understanding that true health doesn’t come from a pill, but from the things we do to promote our wellbeing. With all of the ingredients that go into our juice – your body is being strengthened on so many levels.

What are the benefits?

Cleansing has been proven to help with: